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From AfroFuture to Bushfire Festival Across The Continent

If you think Coachella and European music festivals are the only big events that can satisfy your live music and party cravings, think again! Africa hosts some of the best music festivals in the world, and we at Away to Africa are here to introduce you to these sensational experiences.

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AfroFuture: Celebrating Black Unification & Pan Africanism

Event Details: El Wak Stadium in Accra, Ghana, on December 28th & 29th

AfroFuture Festival 2023 is set to be an explosive two-day cultural extravaganza, returning to El Wak Stadium in Accra, Ghana, on December 28th and 29th. This year’s festival theme, “Black Unification & Pan Africanism,” celebrates the achievements of Black people across the diaspora, highlighting their contributions to art, culture, and innovation.

Formerly known as Afrochella, the rebranded AfroFuture event is unquestionably one of the best music festivals in Africa. Every year, it attracts world-class talent from across Africa and beyond, promising a weekend filled with fantastic music and more. This year’s headliners include Afrobeats sensations Davido, J Hus, and Black Sherif, with a lineup of both local and international talents joining them on stage.

But AfroFuture isn’t just about music; it’s an incredible showcase of upcoming talent in various fields, putting Africa on the map. The festival features seminar talks on pressing global issues, revolutionary ideas, and solutions, highlighting the power of unity. It’s a high-energy, cross-cultural event that welcomes attendees from around the world to celebrate African culture through art installations, modern and traditional fashion, authentic local cuisine, and, of course, music.

Moreover, AfroFuture extends beyond the festival itself. The Afro Expo event, held from December 18 to 31, connects the diaspora to industry experts and changemakers in fields like business, technology, health, fashion, music, and art. The AfroFuture Music Museum on December 20 offers a visual library-like experience, and the New Year’s Eve Celebration on December 31 promises to be a grand finale.

AfroFuture is more than just a festival; it’s a movement that aims to elevate and showcase the thriving millennial talent in Africa while celebrating its diverse cultures. Be sure to join Away to Africa at AfroFuture Festival.

Cotton Fest: Where Youth Culture Takes Center Stage

Event Details: Kings Park Stadium – Outer Field in Durban on Sunday, July 2nd

Cotton Fest, the popular music and youth culture festival, made its debut in Durban this year after captivating Johannesburg and Cape Town. Founded by the late global music and fashion icon Riky Rick, Cotton Fest has become one of the most anticipated events on the South African entertainment calendar.

In 2023, Cotton Fest made its way to Kings Park Stadium – Outer Field in Durban on Sunday, July 2nd. This youth culture experience is known for its diverse lineup, energetic atmosphere, and celebration of South African street culture, including fashion, sports, art, and food.

With performances across two stages, the lineup, featuring some of South Africa’s hottest talent, promises an unforgettable experience. Cotton Fest is not just about music; it’s a celebration of life, culture, and the precious moments we share.

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DStv Delicious International Food and Music Festival: A Feast for the Senses

Event Details: September 23–24, 2023 at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit

The DSTV Delicious International Food and Music Festival is a unique fusion of two great sensations: delicious food and fantastic music. This festival is designed for foodies and music lovers alike, aiming to unite people from all cultures and backgrounds through their mutual enjoyment of music and food.

The 10th anniversary of the DStv Delicious International Food & Music Festival in 2023 brought an even more curated food and music experience. Headlined by global Afrobeats sensation Tems and American superstar Maxwell, the festival combined exquisite culinary delights with soulful tunes.

Bushfire Festival: Where Culture Comes Alive

Event Details: May 31 – June 2, 2024 at farmlands of the valley of Malkerns, Eswatini

Bushfire Festival in Eswatini is not just one of the best music festivals in Africa; it’s a cultural phenomenon. Regularly attended by over 20,000 enthusiasts, this event is heralded by CNN and BBC as one of the most incredible international festivals.

Set in the picturesque Malkerns Valley, Bushfire Festival spans three days and features music, theater, poetry, dance, art, film, and more. It’s a celebration of arts in all its forms, with craft vendors, installations, and even special programs for children throughout the year.

Bushfire is committed to nurturing local talent and inspiring young artists through its School Festival, while the Firefly competition has launched the careers of over 80 emerging artists from Eswatini.

There’s no event like it in the world — blending outreach, arts (all of them), craft, food, culture, welcoming everyone despite creed or way of life. If you can make it, it’s worth taking part in at least once in your life.

Away to Africa Bushfire Festival-Eswatini

The African continent is alive with music, culture, and festivals waiting to be explored. Join us at Away to Africa as we introduce you to the rhythms, flavors, and experiences that make Africa’s festivals truly extraordinary!

Visit Africa with us at Away to Africa, where we take you to some of the best music festivals in Africa, including AfroFuture in December!

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