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Tiffanie Anderson

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In moments of silence, stillness and living in simplicity, we tap into a creative consciousness we tend to overlook. Click To Tweet 

Lamu – Kenya’s Hidden Paradise

During the covid19 outbreak I decided to stay put on the magical archipelago (compilation of small islands) of Lamu in Kenya. During my time in Lamu, I started a journal of random thoughts, feelings and observations entitled ‘Letters from Lamu’…

As the plane took off from Norman Manley Airport in Kingston, I stared out the window and envisioned myself swimming in the warm East African ocean for Away to Africa’s first tour of 2020. The highlight of the tour was a yoga festival in Lamu, Lamu Yoga Festival, and Away to Africa partnered with reggae artiste, Jah9, for a ‘Feel Trip’ with a focus on journaling, manifestation and relaxation.

We Make Plans & Then Life Happens

My future travel plans included completing thé Kenya tour, traveling to Madagascar for an educational tour, making a pit stop in South Africa for a Jeep Challenge in Limpopo and arriving just in time to Morocco for Away to Africa’s second tour of 2020. Sounds perfect, right?Interesting how we tend to schedule three month and even five year plans… and in a blink of an eye those plans are thrown out of the window. I truly believe we make plans and then life happens.

As the tour approached its last few days in Lamu, a friend inquired of my plans for the company amid the outbreak of the Coronavirus. I have to admit, at this moment what I knew of the virus was limited. Apparently I was more focused on ensuring our clients had the best experience relaxing in Lamu. I responded ignorantly that I wasn’t too sure how this viral outbreak in China would affect our tours in Africa but boy was I in for a surprise.

Overindulgence in…Toilet Paper

After a week of yoga and bonding with our Away to Africa clients, I set off to Nairobi to make sure the clients departed safely and within two days I was back in Lamu. The conditions of thé virus were worsening and spreading like wildfire but I still continued with my future travel plans.

After conducting my own research I realized how swiftly this virus was spreading and affecting the world. Shortly after, countries begin discussing closing borders. Even though I hate to admit this, reality began to sink in after witnessing the neurotic rush for supplies that left America’s shelves empty. After producing so many movies forecasting a world epidemic, I was extremely surprised to see how unprepared some nations were for the reality of such an outbreak. There were so many political leaders, presidents, and prime ministers who shut down the government over night yet failed to provide any sort of direction for its citizens. Instead of approaching each country as a case by case scenario, the world waited for updates, covid symptoms and precautions trickled down from China, USA and UK. There were families in tenement yards, townships and favelas who could not possibly adhere to ‘social distancing’. So the world watched as countries calculated less than five ventilators for millions of people, face masks became mandatory, and toilet tissue was a commodity for every household.

My home is in Jamaica, most of my family is in America but my heart is in Africa

Once my flight to Madagascar was canceled I had to make a quick decision of where I wanted to stay for an indefinite time. I jumped into research mode to understand who were the countries restricting or limiting entry as my home is in Jamaica, most of my family is in America but my heart is in Africa.

Although the world is crying, I think Mother Nature is smiling… she needed a break.

I chose to quarantine in Lamu because Lamu provides the energy needed for me to remain still, meditate and enter focus mode. Friendly faces, fresh fruit and not to mention, direct access to the East African ocean for a quick swim everyday are some of the additional reasons I chose to remain in Lamu during the Corona outbreak.

Additionally, I made the decision that to continue out the work with Away to Africa I would need to remain on the continent. Currently, the majority of African nations are ‘low-infected’ countries. When African borders begin to reopen I am hoping and praying that my decision to remain in a low-infected country will grant me entry into another low-infected African country.

Similar to everyone else on this planet, I am still assessing the current situation. In the meantime I will continue drinking unlimited cups of garlic and ginger tea (despite the hot weather of Lamu), practicing yoga and/or running on the beach at least 5 times a week, journaling, meditating and praying daily, learning Swahili, recording weekly interviews and update on current events with my two co hosts for our new podcast Travel & Turnup (shameless plug I know), floating in the East African ocean, brainstorming about additional businesses in Africa and most importantly, remembering to take a mental break from the pressures of society to love and appreciate every moment.

In moments of silence, stillness and living in simplicity, we tap into a creative consciousness we tend to overlook.

Perhaps this is a time for the world, and everyone within this world, to reset, recharge and start anew. Around the world, nature is healing itself without the presence of human contamination. The water in Venice canals turned clear enough where you can actually see the fish. China’s emissions were 25% lower than the previous year. Have you viewed the aerial views of Italy’s pollution pre and during coronavirus? Although the world is crying, I think Mother Nature is smiling…She needed a break.

Why Kenya?

What we love about Kenya is…



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