My initial introduction with Away to Africa was for a business trip to Cape Town and the experience was simply amazing and made my first trip to Mama Africa truly memorable. So when I decided to go back to South Africa with friends, I knew that I wanted to use Away to Africa to curate my experience for my return trip.

Away to Africa made each experience feel special, as I never felt like a tourist and got to experience and see so many things that I may not have discovered on my own. Whether you are looking to do a bike ride through the Langa township, a visit to wine country, exquisite meals or customized shopping experiences Away to Africa has you covered. Their service is always professional, friendly and efficient.

South Africa was a great introduction to Africa and I’m excited to learn and see more of the Motherland and when I do I plan to use Away to Africa.

Kanika Greenlee / South Africa
Laniya Norfus

Going to Africa has always been a dream of mine. I’m so excited that there is actually a company that provides a real authentic Africa experience! Traveling to South Africa with Away to Africa made my whole experience all the more memorable because of the authenticity. The Away to Africa staff made my trip feel like I was attending a family reunion and I felt so much love and positivity throughout my whole trip. Each tour operator was amazing and the fact that they all are natives from the land just made me enjoy my experience even more. I traveled throughout Cape Town, Johannesburg, Soweto, Langa, Durban and then back to Cape Town! Every day was a new adventure to explore, a new lesson to learn and a new experience to grow from. The culture, food, people and history in South Africa is something that I will remember for the rest of my life. If you ever decide to travel anywhere throughout Africa, I strongly recommend traveling with Away to Africa. You will be safe, you will enjoy yourself and you will NOT want to leave!

Laniya Norfus / South Africa
Chef Kriss Kofi

Away to Africa… Wow where should I start? Its always been a dream of mine to travel to Ghana, and to experience Ghana with this wonderful company just left me with everlasting heart warming memories. The professionalism of Away to Africa is 5 stars. The activity spreadsheet and tours to historical landmarks were fun and very educational. Everyday was a journey within a journey in Ghana. I would recommend this company to anyone who is traveling to Africa for the first or tenth time as the company finds creative ways to expose Ghana’s true beauty. I can’t wait to venture with Away to Africa to additional African destinations.

Chef Kriss Kofi / Ghana
Tierra Womack

I was referred to Away to Africa from a close friend and I am so happy with my decision. From the time I made the decision to travel to Ethiopia with Away to Africa, they made me feel comfortable with my decision to travel to Africa. We traveled to so many beautiful cities throughout Ethiopia and each experience was unique. The itinerary offered so many cultural outings with options to enjoy the nightlife of each city. Our tour operator was very knowledgable of his country and traveled with us to each destination. This was definitely a life changing experience!

Tierra Womack / Ethiopia
Paul Luna

I traveled with Away to Africa on two separate occasions, one for business purposes to South Africa and another with my family to Ghana. The staff at Away to Africa were professional and I loved the accommodation provided in each country. With Away to Africa I was able to truly mix business and pleasure by exploring the museums in Soweto and having business meetings on the golf course in Johannesburg. My family loved the fact that each night introduced a different cultural experience while showcasing the beauty of different cities along Ghana’s coast. Akosomobo and Wli Waterfalls were my family’s favorite, while Accra was my favorite. I would recommend Away to Africa to anyone traveling to Africa for business or leisure purposes as they know the importance of making the traveler feel at ease while exploring Africa.

Paul Luna / South Africa & Ghana
Teika Samuda

Away to Africa quite literally made my dreams come true! I toyed with the idea of traveling to Africa for years and in 2016 several referrals pointed me to Upon my first interaction Away to Africa and working through the details of the trip I was convinced that it was the right time. There was never a request that was too much nor a question that went unanswered. I felt completely supported throughout the entire process: from booking my multi-city flight to planning what to pack for the trip!

Days were spent traversing the beautiful land, meeting the gracious, vibrant people of Ghana. Each day had a unique highlight, an amazing experience I’ll never forget: star jumps at the top of Mount Gemi, learning how to count in Twi as I hiked to Wli Falls, negotiating with the vendors at the Art Center in Accra, and sipping purple cocktails with new friends in the middle of the road in Osu!I am changed forever from that trip to Ghana and would highlyrecommend that we all gift ourselves a visit to the motherland with Away to Africa! I plan to do it again as Ethiopia is calling my name.

Teika Samuda / Ghana

Traveling with Away to Africa was one of my greatest experiences. I’ve traveled and planned trips with groups of friends so I know what it’s like to get lost, delayed because of differences in airport to airport procedures, or to deal with difficulties because of communication barriers. When traveling with Away to Africa, we thankfully didn’t have to deal with any of this. The staff was with us 24hrs. They helped barter with street vendors, gave us the local experience typical tour guides wouldn’t, and made navigating 8 cities and 11 flights in 15days seamless.

Our trip included 8 people. My brother, sister, cousin, wife, and three children ages 6, 7, and 8. Away to Africa’s staff was with us every step of the way which was everything at making us feel safe in foreign countries. The itinerary developed by the staff was nothing short of amazing. It accommodated for our personal interests, our vegan diet, and for the young children traveling, which was my main concern.

The tour guides were exceptional! Away to Africa’s staff is really good about last minute changes also. With so many moving parts, different personalities, unexpected occurrences, the Away to Africa staff was the glue that held everything together and made the trip amazing! I would hands down recommend them for your next trip to Africa! You won’t regret it.

Jahrue Mullings / Ethiopia & South Africa