Away to Africa is proud to incorporate our Community Outreach Programs into the itinerary for each country.When traveling to Africa many people always think of what they are looking to take away from their visit to the continent and Away to Africa would like for each of our guests to consider what they can contribute to Africa as well.

For each country, Away to Africa teams with a charity or nonprofit organization who share a common goal of uplifting and uniting the community.For instance in South Africa, we team with Quirky 30, a nonprofit dedicated to providing coding classes to youth and single moms in Langa Township.Students are taught essential tools of the coding industry in hopes of securing a position within the IT sector.In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia we team with Ethiopia Skate Park, an organization offer youths the opportunity to gather and skate for free of charge.

If you would like additional information about how you can get involved with Away to Africa’s Community Outreach Programs, send us an email at