Business tourism or business travel provides an individual or group of professionals the ability to travel to a rejuvenating setting while concurrently meeting corporate objectives through activities which include attending meetings, conferences and exhibitions. During business tourism, individuals are still working and/or being paid, but they are doing so away from both their workplace and home.

With Away to Africa business tours, our goal is to provide government officials, business owners, investors, and team members the opportunity to expand services and explore innovative solutions through international exposure of modern technology and corporate culture.

So now that you understand what Business Tourism is, you may ask why is there a need to travel?

Benefits to Business Travel

✔ Face to face interaction

✔ Cross-Cultural Relationships

✔ Global Expansion

✔ Transact Business efficiently with available leisure time

Business Tours combines team building and strategic planning needs with adventure travel. Away to Africa designs specialized business tours for organizations and professionals that are designed to boost morale and develop leadership in corporate employees, while providing a “perk” in the way of exploring an African country through exciting recreational activities.

Away To Africa Business Tours

✔ Business to Business Pairing

✔ Business to Consumer Pairing

✔ Introduction to Industry Sector through Meetings, Seminars, Conferences and Exhibitions

✔ Site Visits

✔ Educational Courses

✔ Networking Events

✔ Team Building Services

✔ Community Outreach Programs


Away to Africa teams with professionals in each African country we service.With a vast network of business relationships in South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania, Zanzibar and Mozambique, Away to Africa ensures that each traveling professional meet their business goals aligned with their travels.

Additionally, Away to Africa provides top tier concierge service throughout all business tours. We provide each traveller with a personal driver to drive our guests to all business meetings and a tour guide who is available to accompany our guests on all leisure activities.